Getting Started

Call to Schedule Your Introductory Meeting

The first step to working with IWS is to call 302-763-1180 and speak with us. If you like what you hear, we will schedule a complimentary introduction meeting.


The next step is gathering information. We will collect the details needed to develop your personal financial plan. We can work with your current CPA, attorney, or other financial professionals in developing a comprehensive plan. If you do not have any of these relationships already in place, we are happy to make the requested introductions if needed.


We will review your financial plan in detail with you, welcoming your questions and input. Once you approve your plan, the IWS team will put your plan into action and coordinate with your team of professionals. IWS will then continue to closely monitor the progress of your plan and your accounts. Regular communication and updates will be provided to keep you informed and address your concerns. Extensive reviews will be completed with you to make sure you are continuing on the right track to achieve your financial goals.