Medical & Legal Professionals


Our specialized expertise helping medical and legal professionals:

Our busy physician clients often depend on leveraging their valuable time by working with associates such as physician assistants and nurses. Similarly, our busy attorney clients often rely on junior law partners or associates to be most productive and achieve their objectives. We too believe in a team-based approach to help take the burden of monitoring and managing many areas of your personal financial life off your shoulders. Specifically, we develop, monitor, and adjust a medical or legal professional’s financial plan based on the phase of your career. 

Due to our extensive experience working with medical professionals, we recognize that there may be considerable income changes across the phases of your career. During the resident/fellowship phase, you may be trying to cover living expenses while raising a family and satisfying student loans. As you attain a higher income level, you may also focus on education funding for your children and retirement preparedness. We can assist you in navigating the common group retirement options that many private physician groups offer to help ensure you select the best plan of action to suit your needs. Additionally, if you are a part owner in a private physician group, succession planning becomes important to determine how to best achieve a desired retirement income stream. We are experienced at quarterbacking those discussions with your tax and legal counsel.

Similarly, for legal professionals, you may experience significant income changes through common phases of your career such as associate, junior partner, and senior partner. Perhaps you have delayed income earning while in school, and need budgeting assistance to allocate your income as an associate to satisfy student loans and plan for the educational needs of your family, as well as for retirement. As your career progresses, we can further coach you by developing a thorough cash flow projection to give you confidence in possibly retiring early or downshifting to an alternative work option after an often stressful long-hours career that many of our attorney clients describe.  

Our expertise in working with clients through all phases of medical or legal careers gives us experience in building virtuous client relationships, as we help you envision your future self and provide clear guidance on how to best navigate your various career phases to achieve financial independence. A less obvious client benefit, for many married legal and medical professional clients, is the confidence the spouse gains by having a trusted advisor to reach with urgent questions. We have found that an attorney can be tied up in court all day or focused on approaching deadlines, and a physician handling a full ER room for several consecutive night shifts often leaves minimal time to connect on household financial matters. So, we often serve as a sounding board as urgent questions and opportunities arise.

Common Medical and Legal Professional Planning Needs:

  • Student loans
  • Capital contributions to buy into a firm or practice
  • Asset protection
  • Group retirement plan design as smaller medical or legal practices can often benefit from several thoughtfully integrated plans such as cash balance pension plan, profit sharing, and/or 401(k) plans