Our Story

Following through on a dream to provide clients with truly comprehensive and independent financial planning, Jon Walton founded Independence Wealth Services in 1994 as a sole practitioner.  The long-term goal was always to have a practice capable of spanning generations and the firm has since expanded to achieve this vision.

Now that we have three generations of planners on the team, we are capable to serve clients without regard to their individual ages.  Today, a number of financially successful families and individuals have entrusted us with their financial plans.  We are proud to say that every one of them was referred by a current client whose trust we had already earned.

At Independence Wealth Services, we successfully guide our clients to their financial independence by focusing on these CORE PRINCIPLES:

IWS is not tied to any producers of products. This independence lets us keep the focus on what solutions are best for you.

IWS advisors have the credentials and experience to provide solid advice and superior service.

The plan IWS creates for you will address your special life goals. It will be continuously updated to be sensitive to the ever-changing legal and tax landscape.

IWS clients enjoy 24/7 access to their financial data with fast and accurate answers to questions. IWS commits to a very strict disclosure of our compensation. Any conflicts of interest will be disclosed in advance of any decisions.

The IWS suite of services includes:

  • Helping you define your financial goals
  • Establishing a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve your goals
  • Keeping you informed and answering your questions promptly
  • Managing your team of financial professionals (CPA, attorney, etc.)
  • Monitoring your portfolio frequently
  • Reporting real-time results to you regularly

IWS will design and call the plays to get the ball to the goals you define, such as early retirement, travel, education, and charitable giving. IWS takes a broad view of your financial goals, not just to increase the value of your investments. We will take the lead in coordinating efforts between your financial and legal team. We want to protect your assets, minimize taxes, and make sure that you have a dependable source of income to help you achieve your financial independence.

Clients who start with IWS stay with us because we care for their financial lives as if they were our own. Many long-standing clients are now good friends and are able to enjoy a greater sense of financial confidence today compared with when we first met. Most of our clients have not only achieved their financial independence but have gone beyond. Having a comprehensive plan with regular monitoring and communication has helped IWS clients continue toward their goals, through both rewarding and turbulent times.