Why Credentials Matter

Mike and Jon are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals (CFP®). This designation represents the completion of thorough coursework, and successful passing of a two-full-day exam to demonstrate the subject matter expertise necessary to help clients. CFP® practitioners not only help clients accumulate investments but can help clients accumulate and then distribute retirement income in an overall manner that can maximize your NET after-tax spendable money and potential longevity of an adequate income.

Mike’s unique blend of industrial engineering and MBA educational background, coupled with his supply chain management consulting and executive experience, provides clients with an analytical mindset to cut through the noise in this world and develop a thoughtfully integrated financial plan. This is especially valued by our executive and business owner clients who appreciate Mike’s experience in similar roles, where a business leader must always balance the pros/cons/costs/implications of various options and focus on the most valuable uses of time and resources.

Dave’s Charted Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation and experience as a professional money manager can provide clients with confidence that between our independent broker/dealer’s and own due diligence, we help clients implement investment portfolios that are best suited to achieving their cash flow needs. It is rare for an investment advisory firm to have a CFA in-house, as this sought-after skillset is mostly found working for institutional money managers such as Fidelity or BlackRock.

Jason’s CPA designation and expertise represents another powerful resource we have on our team to best help clients. While we do not offer tax return preparation services, the thoughtful integration of taxation, investments, and income planning within a financial plan provides immense benefit to maximizing the value of clients’ financial resources and NET after-tax income over time.