Independence Wealth Services


Who We Serve

At Independence Wealth Services, we tend to work with busy people.  They might be business owners, corporate executives, or legal and medical professionals.  But they’ve all worked hard, to get to where they are now. Our clients have accumulated assets, but they don’t want to spend their valuable free time worrying about them.  That’s where we come in.  We help our clients, whether fully retired or hard at work, make the most of the time and financial resources they have now, and offer guidance and expertise to help them keep those assets in the future.

How We Serve

People at the top of their game need coaches. You see this in athletics and performing arts. Olympians rely on coaches to reach their best potential … you deserve one, too! Clients with whom we work best understand the importance of personal coaching, where initially much of our time is spent getting to know clients. We need to understand your concerns, fears, and hopes before we can offer any sound coaching, advice, or strategies. Once we have that information, we can apply both our experience and technical expertise to help ensure you achieve what financial success looks like to you. 

Who We Are

We’re a bit of an unusual firm—by design—to our clients’ advantage. Jon Walton and Mike Boyle are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, who help clients with planning for the future, but we also have MBAs to better guide our business owners with their most pressing issues. It’s rare to see a small firm like ours have a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder, and a Certified Public Accountant, but we do because we know the important role investments and taxes play in achieving long-term goals. Our expertise extends to insurance with a Chartered Life Underwriter on staff, because most individuals—and every business!—need insurance. Our clients appreciate our collective in-house expertise and independence.